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Equipment: Stainless steel bag filter
Equipment Type: Separation Equipment -> Others
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Description: Stainless steel bag filter The filter has single cylinder and the cylinder type double parallel. The inside filtering bag is easy to change. It can be used in the liquid filtering in coatings, inks, tree ester, pharmaceutical, chemical, dyestuff, latex and other fields. Stainless steel bag filter performance and parameters The filtering precision of the filter is great, and can filter large amount, and it is easy to maintain. It is full of specifications and the material is varied, and can be applied to many fields. The single filter and double filter can meet different customers’ need. The materials included are stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316L. the company can supply standard filter and special filters, which can be used in food, public health and medicine. It can be used in the corrosion field too. Fields: Drinks; food oil; wine; biology technical; medicine ; cosmetic, etc. Water treatment; cutting oil, lubricating oil, water, electricity, liquid detergent with coating and automobile electric semiconductor industries Petroleum chemical industry, acid and alkali, paint, paint, resin emulsion, ink, who made water, and photographic imaging, etc
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